Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Angels

I was born on Halloween. Not sure if that has any bearing on all the experiences I have had in my life or not. I've posted a few stories about things that have happened in places I've lived.

One summer night when I was in my early teens, I woke up to turn on my fan. As I was getting back into my bed, all of a sudden, this little orange light appeared in the middle of my room and got bigger as I watched it. Suddenly something just came over me and held me down onto my bed. I said the Lord's Prayer in my head hoping to scare it away, and sure enough, it let me go. I flew like a flash into my parent's bed. Every night after, the same thing happened to me only in my sleep. Something would come over me, hold me down and not let me get away or wake up.

Well...after the smoke incident in the new apartment, I went to see a priest on the Base. He told me that he wouldn't come out, but he'd send a Born Again prayer group out that prays and expels things from houses. Well...I had them over, they did their little thing, and I spoke to the one who was doing the most talking, started to tell her about what happens to me at night when I'm sleeping. Before I could even finish telling her, she spoke for me...she said "A shadow comes over you". I was amazed...she explained to me that there are angels...good ones and bad ones. I was being visited by a bad one...the come to you in the form of a shadow usually in your dreams. She told me that the next time the same thing happens to me in my sleep, all I have to do is command it away in the name of Jesus and by the power of his blood. Also say a prayer before bed each night inviting God's good angels to protect you. To this day I've never had that problem!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Apartment

In the post I named "The Apparition", I told you about what happened the very first day I lived in the apartment in North Pole. I mentioned that there were other things that happened here, so I'm going to tell you them now.

We used to keep our bedroom closed when we went to sleep, and would keep a chain on it (so this way the dog couldn't get to the cat's litter box). One night, I woke up and the door was wide open. Immediately I shook my husband and whispered to him that someone had broken in because the door was wide open. Being half asleep, I didn't realized that there was a tiny window above our bed that nobody could have climbed into especially over our heads! We both broke into a cold sweat! That was definitely unexplainable because we were both sound asleep and never woke up to go out into the living room.

There was another time we were sitting on the couch watching TV and the bedroom door opened itself wide. Then I was home alone one day, and walking into our bedroom I saw the waterbed ripple like if someone had just jumped right onto it! Then the last straw was the day that we went to sleep...coincidentally it was right at midnight...we had just went into the bedroom and shut the door behind us. Immediately the fire alarm went off in the hallway. We opened the door to find the whole house filled with smoke! We didn't see fire, but there was a lot of smoke! Immediately we scrambled up the pets, I grabbed the phone and called 911. We brought the pets out into the car, and since it was a triplex we were in, I knocked on one neighbor's door and my husband knocked on the other's. They said they didn't have any fire or smoke in their units. The firemen came, and said that there was no fire, yet they lifted a picture off the wall and you could see the smoke ring around it! That night we stayed in a hotel!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Apparition

My husband and I moved into a new apartment in North Pole Alaska outside of Eielson Air Force Base after the scary experience we had in a house we had rented in Salcha. His friend Bryan helped us move. Since it was about a half hour drive to get back to the base where his friend lived, and we had been moving until late in the evening, he spent the night in the living room on the couch. Well, the next morning, when we woke up, as I had passed him on the couch on my way to the kitchen, he looked like he had seen a ghost! That's what I told him, and he then in turn told me he actually had! I asked him why he didn't scream or knock on our bedroom door. He told me that he didn't want to disturb us, and had contemplated telling us all night. That wouldn't have been a problem....but to say the least, I wondered what exactly he had seen.

Bryan said that he had seen a white image of a bald old man float into the living room window, across the living room, into the kitchen, and floated back out going straight through the back (kitchen) door! There were no feet, it was just the head down to the knees, and was glowing in white. This was the only time anyone had seen anyone in the apartment, but there were many other things that had happened (I'll leave that for another post!). After our experience in Salcha, and this being our first day in our new apartment, we were totally freaked out to say the least!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Slamming Door

I once lived in Alaska, right outside of Eielson Air Force Base in a place called Salcha. My husband was in the Air Force, and there wasn't any housing available yet on the base, so we had rented this renovated house in Salcha on this huge piece of land. It was so beautiful there.

I was off for the summer. My husband and I didn't have any kids, just an Alaskan Husky named Aurora and a pet lop eared rabbit named Chestnut. I would put the bunny on a hand held leash and let him hop around outside. This is what I was doing one cool morning when I was home alone. Chestnut had his own room, and I would keep the door shut to keep Aurora from messing with him. My bedroom was next door, after I put him away I shut the door behind me, went into my room to change since the day was getting warmer, and that's when I heard his door open. I went out into the hallway to find it ajar. Now, the only window in this room didn't open, so there's no way anyone was in there. As I went to grab the doorknob, the door forcefully SLAMMED in my face, and this loud moaning sound went through me as if it were right in both my ears. Aurora and I flew out of the house like a bolt of lightning, and sat at the end of our driveway, 1/4 mile from the house at the curb of the Alaska Highway.

When my husband returned home, he wanted me to show him exactly what happened. I didn't want to, but he insisted. So as I was walking down the hallway telling him, the lights flickered!!!! We both ran out of the house and asked our landlord if he knew of anything like this happening or if he had any complaints. He laughed and never answered our question.