Monday, July 17, 2006

The Apparition

My husband and I moved into a new apartment in North Pole Alaska outside of Eielson Air Force Base after the scary experience we had in a house we had rented in Salcha. His friend Bryan helped us move. Since it was about a half hour drive to get back to the base where his friend lived, and we had been moving until late in the evening, he spent the night in the living room on the couch. Well, the next morning, when we woke up, as I had passed him on the couch on my way to the kitchen, he looked like he had seen a ghost! That's what I told him, and he then in turn told me he actually had! I asked him why he didn't scream or knock on our bedroom door. He told me that he didn't want to disturb us, and had contemplated telling us all night. That wouldn't have been a problem....but to say the least, I wondered what exactly he had seen.

Bryan said that he had seen a white image of a bald old man float into the living room window, across the living room, into the kitchen, and floated back out going straight through the back (kitchen) door! There were no feet, it was just the head down to the knees, and was glowing in white. This was the only time anyone had seen anyone in the apartment, but there were many other things that had happened (I'll leave that for another post!). After our experience in Salcha, and this being our first day in our new apartment, we were totally freaked out to say the least!


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