Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Apartment

In the post I named "The Apparition", I told you about what happened the very first day I lived in the apartment in North Pole. I mentioned that there were other things that happened here, so I'm going to tell you them now.

We used to keep our bedroom closed when we went to sleep, and would keep a chain on it (so this way the dog couldn't get to the cat's litter box). One night, I woke up and the door was wide open. Immediately I shook my husband and whispered to him that someone had broken in because the door was wide open. Being half asleep, I didn't realized that there was a tiny window above our bed that nobody could have climbed into especially over our heads! We both broke into a cold sweat! That was definitely unexplainable because we were both sound asleep and never woke up to go out into the living room.

There was another time we were sitting on the couch watching TV and the bedroom door opened itself wide. Then I was home alone one day, and walking into our bedroom I saw the waterbed ripple like if someone had just jumped right onto it! Then the last straw was the day that we went to sleep...coincidentally it was right at midnight...we had just went into the bedroom and shut the door behind us. Immediately the fire alarm went off in the hallway. We opened the door to find the whole house filled with smoke! We didn't see fire, but there was a lot of smoke! Immediately we scrambled up the pets, I grabbed the phone and called 911. We brought the pets out into the car, and since it was a triplex we were in, I knocked on one neighbor's door and my husband knocked on the other's. They said they didn't have any fire or smoke in their units. The firemen came, and said that there was no fire, yet they lifted a picture off the wall and you could see the smoke ring around it! That night we stayed in a hotel!


Blogger Kimberly B said...

I can definately relate to your expereiences...every single one of them. My husband and I experienced similar incidents in our first home with doors openly mysteriously, etc... Visit my website: to read more (Kimberly and John's first home). We ended up selling the home back to the person we bought it from (and it too was near an airforce base). We bought this home we live in now...and 18 years later, we're still plagued with paranormal activity.

2:59 AM  
Blogger aide said...

you should aske anyperson that the person in your house dye if they say yes that must be the ghost who in your houses because my neibords told me that somebody dye in my house that why I fell something weard because I am 11 so we knew that there is a ghost we still live thre but we put bless water so it does not the old man ghost wenth were god`s lives so thanck mom she did anything she could do. but I don`t know why I still wanth to move of house because before I wath to live in a new house

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